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19 Times 'Hogwarts Logic' Tweets Made Us Wonder What Was Going On In J.K. Rowling's Head

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Funny memes, video killed the radio star memes.

Video Killed The Radio Star Is Our New Favorite Low-Effort Meme

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Funny comics about Dumbledore.

These Awesome Harry Potter Comics Show Dumbledore's Sassy Side

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Harry Potter memes and funny pictures about the movie series

17 Riddikulous Harry Potter Memes That'll Right Your Rons

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He Desire Loops, Brother

Meme of Harry Potter looking into the Mirror of Erised with Dumbledore; ends up being a cat looking into the mirror and seeing loops
Via ArtpaPlanetSmasher

Happy Belated, Mr. Potter

Still from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows where Harry says to Dumbledore, "A part of him lives within me, doesn't it?" under the caption, "When you pull up and yell 'Kobe' and the shot actually goes in"
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Hogwarts Got Rowdy Apparently

Headline that says, "Herpes Genitalis and the Philosopher's Stance" with the caption, "Not a fan of the new Harry Potter book"
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Harry Potter memes

22 Harry Potter Memes That You'll Siriusly Lovegood

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Funny crossover between Harry Potter and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, Snape, Dumbledore.

18 More Hilarious 'Hogwarts Nine Nine' Gems

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comics and memes from the Harry Potter book and movie series

Accio: 40 Harry Potter Comics and Memes

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Don't let this guy watch your kids

Harry Potter harry potter memes dumbledore - 9001905152
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In Heaven Everything is Fine

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What About a Super-Ultra Wizard

muggle dumbledore wizard funny - 8439862016
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Hogwarts Protesting

sign Harry Potter dumbledore funny - 8399020544
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Albus Is a Master of Disguise

disguise Harry Potter dumbledore funny - 8298834944
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Get It Right!!!

dumbledore Harry Potter funny - 7948507392
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