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'I know who Mark Twain is! He's Shania's husband': 25+ Times people realized they were dating an idiot

Mark is a lucky guy
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27 Hilarious Comments to Serve as a Reminder That Life Is Not Just About the Journey, But Also About Embracing the Wacky Ride

27 Hilarious Comments to Serve as a Reminder That Life Is Not Just About the Journey, But Also About Embracing the Wacky Ride

Live, laugh, love
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'Why can’t you be more like your brother/sister?': People share tasteless questions adults ask children

This should be common sense
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Creative Googlers Play Hilarious Game Finding the Most Random Related Questions in Their Google Searches

What's going on
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Funny and stupid question people asked on Quora | should do about my 19-year-old son? He's serious about 20-year-old girl same class at his university and do not approve him dating an older woman social norm is husband be older.

20+ Times Brainiacs Asked The Internet Some Extremely Dumb Questions

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You Idiot

Funny meme that reads, "'Why do you look so tired?' Me: Because I work, mf" above a photo of a confused Obama
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Stop Asking Me That

Funny meme that reads, "When someone asks 'how's work?'" above an image of a church sign that reads, "Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today and forever"
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PSA: Stop Asking This Question

Funny Tumblr post about someone still being single because of emotional baggage
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Ohhh THAT One!

Someone asks Yahoo Answers a very vague question about a techno song they always hear
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No, We All Just Felt Like Standing in Here and Wearing the Same Shirt!

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There Are No Dumb Questions Just Inquisitive Idiots

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Someday I Won't Have to Answer Your Stupid Questions Anymore

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Because Yes

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