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Funny random tweets | drake gatsby @DrakeGatsby made some mediocre eggs Benedict and drank watered down screwdriver and then lit $120 on fire but wasn't same, man miss brunch 7:27 AM 6/14/20 Twitter iPhone

Thirty-Eight Fresh Tweets For People With Short Attention Spans

Short and sweet humor is just what we need right now!
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Funny random memes | know hurt past but l've changed NIKE FLEX GREY |  Library Owl @SketchesbyBoze why does look like seven Ministry Magic wizards are trying cast Stunning spells take down Mitch at same time Tom Brenner/Reuters 5:24 PM 4/9/20 Twitter Web App

Thirty-Four Silly Memes For People Who Need Their Time Wasted

Nothing matters.
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Funny video of a guy talking to a "mystical cat"

Guy Encounters 'Mystical Cat' In This Incredibly Stupid Video

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Funny random Tumblr posts

Clever Tumblr Posts Full Of Sassy Comedy (40 Posts)

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