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Avengers Lookalikes Are Eating Together on TikTok and It's Pretty Wholesome

One for the Marvel fans
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Cute and wholesome video of Frank Maglio doing a duet of Led Zeppelin's Stairway to heaven with his parrot, acoustic, aww, animals, pets, birds

Video: 'Stairway To Heaven' Is Better When Duetted With A Parrot

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Funny video of Lacey Lennon and quinton james singing about their relationship at step-siblings for brazzers

Brazzers Musical 'A Step Away' Is Surprisingly Great

And moderately safe for work.
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Caption that reads, "Don't call yourself a fan of music unless you remember this conic duet" above a pic of Hilary Duff and her double on stage in the Lizzie McGuire Movie
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Music jimmy fallon donald trump duet Video - 82226433

Jimmy Fallon's Singing Impression of Donald Trump Covers 'Anything You Can Do' With Barbra Streisand

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duet surprise - 71938305

Ed Sheeran Continues His Charm Campaign with a Surprise Duet

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Instead of an Election, How About a Karaoke Contest?

Mitt Romney barack obama singing debate duet karaoke - 6696152832
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A Moving End to the Debate

Mitt Romney barack obama singing duet - 6681558272
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Link Is Endowed with Musical Talent

duet link Memes Music notes ocarina talent video games - 5000115712
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