A compilation of NFT and Crypto Bros posting their Ls online

Cringey Times NFT Bros Posted Their Ls Online

What ever happened to NFTs? Earlier this year, it seemed like NFT dudes and crypto bros were part of the new frontier of guys online making poor financial decisions. However, now all you hear about NFTs is that they're becoming more and more useless as time goes on. It was surely fun to “steal” peoples apes via the well known hacker technique of screenshotting
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A compilation of memes about hunting and fishing

Hunting And Fishing Memes For Country Kids

Country boy, I love you! Let's be real here… hunting and fishing are pretty fun activities. I have yet to go hunting, but I was known to brandish a fishing pole when I was a kid. My grandpa's buddy had a lake in his backyard and I had a blast reeling in fish. Ever since I became a city boy, I've been dying to do it again. Hunting and fishing aren't those activities like ice skating or rock climbing that can be done in urban areas indoors as well as in the wilderness. You really have to get dirt…
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20+ Wholesome Moments That Prove Dudes Rock

Everybody gets addicted to saying specific little phrases. 80% of my vocabulary comprises the words “werk” and “gorg.” It's so easy to fall back on cute little slang terms that they can come to define you. My friend Zack is addicted to saying the phrase “dudes rock.” He interjects it whenever he doesn't know how to respond to someone, especially when that someone is a dude. “Dudes rock” is a central tenant of this man's philosophy, and I cannot begrudge that. I don't say “dudes rock” often, but…
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Funny instances of dudes being stupid, stupid guys, funny memes | So my sister got goalie gloves Christmas her boyfriend being keeper Because she's keeper Sondico | After had discussion' about him leaving his socks on floor

Glorious Instances Of Men Setting Themselves Apart

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What Better Way to Attract the Ladies Than a Subtle Film of Tree Dust

dudes glitter - 8759292928
Created by Unknown

Can't Argue With That Logic

dudes wtf gross toothbrush - 8600263936
Via beigency

Meet a Cute Guy at the Bar

bar dudes cute funny vacation - 7494601984
Created by Unknown

Dude Steals Squirrel's Go Pro Camera

dudes gifs critters squirrels - 8379994880
Created by Unknown

One Smooth Dude

dancing dudes gifs - 8183658496
Via Bing

Who's a Good Boy?

dudes dogs gifs rubs - 8034618624
Created by Iron-man01

Pretty Sure That Ain't It

dudes wtf ladies funny - 7755691520
Created by Unknown

The Perks of Being a Guy

dudes bathroom Party peeing - 7569238272
Created by Unknown

So That's What That Stands For

dudes video games - 7170689792
Created by Unknown


bewbs dudes ladies respect - 6599683840
Created by xyzpdq1


dudes town wtf - 4698768128
Created by Unknown

Cool Story, Jesus

cool story bro dudes good samaritan jesus LOL Jesus - 6415580928
Created by Unknown
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