Mamma Mia

Funny meme where someone has photoshopped pasta into duck face selfies to make it look like they are slurping the noodles.
Via superlazyrobot


doing it right duckface hilarious platypus - 6126164736
Created by willertac

Such a Lovely Couple

couple duckface Good Times scary teeth - 5876399104
Created by djrcreative


robots duckface funny - 8289366784
Created by beernbiccies

Crap, It's Genetic

duckface funny Genetics idiots - 8073947648
Created by Unknown

The Indifferent Photobomber

photobomb duckface - 7835308800
Via why-areyou-myclarity

Disapproving Horizontal Photobomber

photobomb duckface funny - 7787881728
Via jcarloagasang

Duckface vs. Bow Tie

photobomb duckface selfie funny - 7732734464
Via wheredidthingsgoawry

Creeping Duckface?

photobomb creeper duckface funny - 7685998848
Created by Unknown

And Why Do They Always Do Duck Impressions in Front of Them?

selfie duckface - 7667965440
Created by Unknown

Who Made the Face Better?

photobomb duckface funny - 7614514176
Created by Hannah

Girls Will Go Crazy for These

shoes heels girls duckface - 7601751552
Created by Unknown


duckface - 7100811008
Created by krista-joy

Jeez Ladies, Get It Together

photoshop duckface - 6919954432
Created by .Kenji

History Has Taken a Turn for the Worse

picard facepalm duckface - 6745987072
Created by Konradtacular

Stop With the Face

Reframe girls duckface - 6748640000
Created by Unknown
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