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Funny drunk texts, drinking, alcohol, funny memes, texting, booze, stupid people | where are left early Sorry couldn't stay longer wtf where are going going home are kidding come back drunk don't worry called an uber drank at place Oh Where am going | PresidentPrince @Princegeee_ My girl is drunk woke up 12 missed calls and texts saying she's crying so obviously mad worried so called her make sure everything straight she's crying cos her friend took bite her burger Muyi @kingmxyi 19h ok everyone

15+ Amusing Moments of Drunken Stupidity

Remember to drink responsibly.
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Bartenders share the drinks they hate making

Bartenders Share the Drinks They Absolutely Hate to Make

It's no secret that bartending can be a frustrating gig. It's tough standing for hours on end, dealing with annoying drunk people and bad tippers. Sometimes things even get physical. But the most annoying part of the job is sometimes as simple as making a mojito. That's what we've learned from a particularly educational thread on the Bar Memes Facebook group. The community is a haven for service workers , a place where they can share jokes, experiences, and even ask for advice with the knowledg…
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Funny memes, dank memes, alcohol, booze | How to Tell if a Cat Is Depressed Depressed cats urinating random places. Drunk people maybe am a depressed cat
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funny uber stories

23 Ridiculous Things Overheard By Amused Uber Drivers

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Wow That's Fascinating!

Pic of One Direction riding in the car with James Corden with the caption, "When you're drunk and bonding with the Uber driver"
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So THAT'S Where That Went!

Tweet that reads, "Pretty sure I just received the best fake ID of my bartending career; a girl handed me my missing license from two years ago"