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20+ Memes You'll Feel to the Core to if You’ve Ever Been in a Fender Bender

These fender bender memes will lighten the mood of any car-related inconveniences on your mind.
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'When Tyrese and Luda went to space': At what point did the 'Fast and Furious' franchise take it way too far? Twitter answers

Forget about it cuh
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People Discuss Things They Dislike More As They Get Older

Everything's much more annoying
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Relatable Bad Driver Memes for Folks Who Barely Passed Their Driver's License Test

Fast and furious
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Boss Demands Employee Only 'Bother' Them in Emergencies, Gets Schooled With Malicious Compliance

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Clueless Dude Roasted For Not Understanding How Car Leasing Works

As a non-driver I don't expect to know much about the world of driving and automobile ownership. But there are some things I inherently understand. For example, I know that not enough people employ turn signals, and way too many people employ high-beam lights. Another thing I “get” is that leasing a car means you're essentially renting it long-term. Unfortunately for one TikToker , this knowledge eluded him, and he's now getting roasted to a crisp on Twitter after sharing a video about his shoc…
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People of the Internet Share the Smallest Hills They're Willing to Die On

We all have our own petty causes that get us riled up. I think self-care routine videos are incredibly annoying and should be banned. Recently, Redditor u/hegotthedream asked the fine folks of r/AskReddit to share the “smallest hill” that they're willing to die on. The responses were quite interesting and revealed that everyone is passionate about some kind of small or stupid issue. Judging by the responses, one of the most common hills that people were willing to die on had to do with grammar…
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Messed-Up and Cringeworthy Cars Xzibit Would Scoff At

I may not have a driver's license as a New York native (there are way too many of us who still need ‘em) but that doesn’t mean I can't appreciate a good car. While my friends and I did enjoy watching Xzibit and his crew do some astounding vehicular makeovers, we know that having a fish tank and a television in a sedan is, well, pretty expensive and also rather impractical. We have grown to appreciate the simple pleasures of the heated leather seats of a Kia, or the longevity of a Toyota. We lik…
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'I tell him he is driving like a woman': Father Wants to Stop Teaching His Son to Drive After He Criticizes His Misogyny

Teaching your kids how to drive is no easy task. I gave my parents my fair share of scares when I was driving around with a learner's permit , or "temps," as some regions call it. My mom could drive with me in the high school football stadium parking lot, but that was about it. Beyond that, it was my dad's job to tell me when I was not in the lane, which was the problem 90% of the time when I was learning to drive. I was 15 years old and addicted to veering out of the lane. There are a lot of s…
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Woman Claims She'd Never Ask Anyone To Pick Her Up From The Airport Because She's 'An Adult', Gets Roasted By Twitter

The transactional friendship final boss
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Tech Bro Gets Roasted for Review of Elon Musk's 'Vegas Loop' Underground Road

Like taxis, but worse
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A reddit thread where Americans who hate Texas discuss why they hate Texas

People Discuss Why So Many Americans Hate Texas

Can we say that plants from Texas are dumb? Can we say that shoes from Texas are dumb?
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'Why is X the Cheapest Option' Memes for Those Perpetually Baffled About Uber Prices

Travel in style
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A compilation of funny and random memes

Normal Memes For Average Guys

I feel like there's a lot of stigma associated with being average. Not to have a boomer take, but I do think that telling kids they were gifted in the early 2000s because they read more chapter books than their peers was a mistake. Whenever the topic of “gifted kids” comes up,
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funniest memes for bad drivers

Funniest Driving Memes for Baddies Who Drive Bad

"Omg, don't get in the car with me if you're gonna scream every time we almost wreck—that's distracting and dangerous!"
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A compilation of memes about road trips for those traveling home for the holidays

Road Trip Memes For Those Going Home For The Holidays

There's nothing like home for the holidays! While I love seeing my family and eating some delicious turkey together, traveling during the last month and a half of the year can be a bit stressful. The airports and packed, and the roads are even more packed. I find road trips a lot more stressful than going to the airport. This year, I had a harrowing road trip experience that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. The night before me and my group of friends were supposed to drive two states over, th…
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