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Relatable Bad Driver Memes for Folks Who Barely Passed Their Driver's License Test

Fast and furious
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'I tell him he is driving like a woman': Father Wants to Stop Teaching His Son to Drive After He Criticizes His Misogyny

Teaching your kids how to drive is no easy task. I gave my parents my fair share of scares when I was driving around with a learner's permit , or "temps," as some regions call it. My mom could drive with me in the high school football stadium parking lot, but that was about it. Beyond that, it was my dad's job to tell me when I was not in the lane, which was the problem 90% of the time when I was learning to drive. I was 15 years old and addicted to veering out of the lane. There are a lot of s…
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Uber Customer Acts Up During Ride, Driver Gets Perfect Revenge

Got what he deserved
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Taco Bell Employee Divides Social Media After Fighting With DoorDash Driver

Fast food woes
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Cow Causes Road Chaos, Prompts Jokes And Speculation From Twitter

They had beef
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New York Driver Prompts Debate After Comical Response To Road Rage

From seasoned taxi drivers to freshly granted license holders, anyone who has driven in the big smoke will tell you that it’s an entirely stressful experience. All the traffic jams, toll rates and angry drivers are enough to put anyone on edge; it’s nothing short of a miracle that people don’t snap more often. However, when they do the results can be explosive. This isn’t always a bad thing, though, as @bcheungz has proved. The Twitter user has recently gone viral after capturing an altercation…
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Cyclists, Please Stop Doing This

Funny 'Is This A Pigeon' meme about cyclists helmet who run red lights Is this a green light?
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Much Better

Funny meme about a car's tank being empty, but looking like it has some left when you look at it from a different angle
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Funny video taken by a passenger on a bus driven by a driver who thinks there's no one on the bus

Passenger Secretly Records Bus Driver Who Thinks He's Alone

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funny uber stories

23 Ridiculous Things Overheard By Amused Uber Drivers

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Dat Millennial Life

Tweet that reads, "Being a Millennial in 2018 means getting a bad Uber ride and still giving the guy five stars because you understand that this is his livelihood and you don't want to jeopardize that"
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Hold Up Now

Caption that reads, "Me when I'm crossing the street and a car acts like they not gonna stop" above pics of a guy staring off into the distance
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What a Jerk

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He Drives Like He's Playing Twisted Metal

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