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Tweet About Annoying Cocktails Inspires Discussion About Bartending

I believe that there are certain drinks that should only be ordered at specific establishments. I'm not going to be ordering the wine at my local Irish pub. And you definitely won't catch me ordering anything but a tequila or vodka soda at the local dive that specializes in Bud Light. The politics of ordering drinks is a complicated one. We've talked about the drinks bartenders hate making, but is that hatred always justified? Like, is it really that hard to make a mojito? Or is it just lazy? I…
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Musicians Make Hilarious Video Series Trying to Tell the Difference Between Nice Name Brand Alcohols and Costco's Cheap Kirkland Booze

Musicians Make Hilarious Video Series Trying to Tell the Difference Between Nice Name Brand Alcohols and Costco's Cheap Kirkland Booze

If you're a spirits connoisseur then this might p*ss you off… lol
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Hooters Waitress Refuses Alcohol To Entitled Minors, Faces Petty Revenge

Just dumb
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Legends Impress the Internet by Mixing Cocktails in McDonalds

They look tasty
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Bartenders share the drinks they hate making

Bartenders Share the Drinks They Absolutely Hate to Make

It's no secret that bartending can be a frustrating gig. It's tough standing for hours on end, dealing with annoying drunk people and bad tippers. Sometimes things even get physical. But the most annoying part of the job is sometimes as simple as making a mojito. That's what we've learned from a particularly educational thread on the Bar Memes Facebook group. The community is a haven for service workers , a place where they can share jokes, experiences, and even ask for advice with the knowledg…
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Bartender Catches Flak For Mocking Common Drink Order

People actually drink this?
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Bartenders share their least favorite parts of the job

15+ Bartenders Share the Worst Aspects of Their Jobs

Bless their hearts.
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Extravagant Thread Imagines A World Where Airplane Seats Were Soda Dispensers

Ice cold
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Dunkin Worker Starts Controversy By Revealing The Special Treatment He Gives Tipping Customers

Tipping can be an etiquette minefield. How much to pay and what service you should pay for can mean very different things to different people. Not every hospitality worker relies on their tips to make up their wage, but a little extra money never goes amiss. As it turns out, this might buy you some privileges, too. According to Dunkin Donuts employee @jasonmora2 , he treats orders of customers differently depending on whether they tip or not. In a viral video, he demonstrated how the drink of s…
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Yeah, Really Weird!

Tweet that reads, "What is that you're having for lunch? Fruit salad. That's funny, it looks like a sangria. Huh, weird"
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Oh Yeah!!!

Text conversation between two friends, where one says that their greatest fear is being forgotten and the other says theirs is the Kool-Aid man
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An Intimate Look at a Family on the Rocks Trying to Get Their Sh*t Sorted out with the Help of Doctor Feels

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Noice Pun

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There are No Flavors, Only Colors

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We've Got You Covered!


Have a Drink

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