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'It doesn't seem too bad': Concerned Man Claims Co-Worker Has a Drinking Problem, Starts Debate About Alcohol Consumption

Light work?
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Woman Claims Couple's Toxic Relationship is Caused By 7 Year Age Gap, Ignores Girlfriend's Glaring Alcohol Problem

It's not the age gap
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TikToker Gets Roasted by Twitter For Suggesting Extreme Fitness Activity As Alternative to Alcohol

Just as fun
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25 Memes For the Sober Friend Who's Always Surrounded by People Who Aren't

Peer pressure will never be enough to make a happily sober person crack!
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25 Memes For People Who’ve Partied Too Hard and Regretted It

If partying too hard is something you've regretted at least once in your life, you'll relate to these memes.
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A Group of Beverages That Desperately Need Actual Cups

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