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21 Wet February Memes to Celebrate the End of Dry January

21 Wet February Memes to Cheers the End of Dry January With

You did it—cheers!
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20+ of the Tastiest Mocktail Memes to Get You Through Dry January

Mocktails in January to make up for all the well shots and cheap beer you're gonna drink the rest of the year.
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26 Wine Memes for Natural Wine Hipsters

Bottoms up
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25 Memes For the Sober Friend Who's Always Surrounded by People Who Aren't

Peer pressure will never be enough to make a happily sober person crack!
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People Share Their Unpopular Alcohol Opinions

Unpopular opinion: Redbull is the perfect mixer
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A compilation of memes about wine and drinking

A Big Bottle of Wine Memes For Wine Moms

I stand in solidarity with the wine mom community . During the pandemic, I was close to becoming one myself. From January to April of 2021, I would go to my local corner store every Friday and buy a bottle of strawberry-flavored Barefoot wine. If that sounds like trashy college kid wine, you would be 100% correct. At the time, I thought buying screw-cap wine was so mature as opposed to one of those giant cans of peach-flavored Mikes Hard Lemonades. I usually wouldn't consume the whole bottle in…
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25 Memes For People Who’ve Partied Too Hard and Regretted It

If partying too hard is something you've regretted at least once in your life, you'll relate to these memes.
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Day Drinking Party Memes for Wild Weekenders Who Live a Life of Debauchery (April 2, 2023)

Tonight you will have "one drink"
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A compilation of funny and random memes

Memes That Could Change The Trajectory of Your Life, But Probably Won't

Time travel media often portrays every choice you make as intrinsically connected to how your future life will go down. Every day, you make a million little choices, and if you don't make one in a particular way, your future self is irrevocably changed. I feel like this is true for very few minor choices you could make, like the first time you hang out with your future best friend or the time you decide not to jaywalk and save yourself from becoming the victim of vehicular manslaughter. I doubt…
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21 Wine Memes For Sommeliers

Very fancy
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A compilation of funny memes about food and drink

Food Memes To Eat and Drink

I love eating and drinking
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Saucy Drinking Memes to Pregame With

Inside me there are two wolves: one that only gets drunk on the weekend and one that only gets drunk on weekdays. Before you go calling me an alcoholic, don't worry—I stole that from a meme. If you chuckled because you, too, have an unquenchable thirst for the sauce, then you're in luck because we've got a whole flight of boozy memes to pregame with before cracking open a cold one with the boys. Enjoy, and drink responsibly.
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32 Boozy Memes For People Who Love The Sauce

It's 5 o'clock somewhere
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Thirty-Six Chuckleworthy Memes To Help You Relax

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Moderately Amusing Memes To Busy Yourself With

Have at 'em.
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Be Safe Tonight

Funny meme about drinking and then eating shredded cheese from the bag at 3 am, adam sandler in uncut gems chasing a woman.
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