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Overly Generous Bartender Has Twitter Falling Off Their Seats

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Bartender Catches Flak For Mocking Common Drink Order

People actually drink this?
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Karen Throws Drink On Freeway, Immediately Suffers The Consequences

Instant Karma
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Piping Hot Coffee Memes For Caffeine Deprived Java Addicts

Sweet, sweet caffeine
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Pricey Starbucks Custom Order Has People Lamenting Its Absurdity

How many bananas?
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Starbucks Barista Reveals The Most Disgusting Order They Ever Had To Make

Spare a thought for all the Starbucks baristas out there, because they have been working overtime at the moment. An explosion in popularity among Gen Z has led to a deluge of complex custom orders every day, sometimes leading to long queues barely after their stores have opened. Not only do they have to make up all sorts of bizarre concoctions nowadays, but sometimes they can be distinctly unappetizing too. When @kenmixtape received a certain order at the branch that he works at in Georgia, he …
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Customer Causes Controversy Taking Tips From Dunkin’ Worker Who Refused A Refund

Nobody came out of it looking good
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Oh No, Mountain Dew Is Making Alcohol Now

Good news for mall goths, skater boys and mom’s basement dwellers : Mountain Dew has announced an alcohol range. Coming in three flavors and hitting the 5% mark, Hard Mountain Dew won’t hit the shelves until early 2022. Nonetheless, news of its imminent arrival has still made an impression on the internet. Some were horrified at the prospect of it encouraging kids to drink, or degrading the classiness levels of the lucrative hard seltzer market. Others announced their hopes that they would expa…
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Funny memes about wine | Power Rangers combine into megazord Cabernet Sauvignon Cabernet Franc Malbec Merlot Petit Verdot @shittywinemenmes Bordeaux | cellar tracker says let wine decant one hour before drinking shittywinememes Pablo Escobar waiting meme

Fifteen High-Quality Wine Memes Perfect For Those Friday Feels

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Ha Ha Sucker

Caption that reads, "Trying to figure out which drink has less in it so you can give it to your sibling" above a pic of Kylie Jenner inspecting two iced coffee drinks
Via Beautifulbeard

This Sartorial Hero Matches His Drink to His Shirt Every Day

image fashion beverages This Sartorial Hero Matches His Drink to His Shirt Every Day
Via @oldirtyfuckaroo

This is the only reason I got to McDonalds

drink McDonald's - 8570944000
Created by Defend_Pop_Punk

I'll Buy All of Them!

drink drugs sugar funny - 8447707392
Created by Unknown

Now That's a Deal

drink funny - 8391027712
Created by Unknown

Yeah, That Pretty Much Wins

awesome drink frank sinatra cool helicopter - 8025321728
Created by Unknown

It's What the Pros Drink

drink breakfast scotch funny - 7782770688
Created by Unknown
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