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Partygoers Left Gobsmacked By Woman’s Dramatic Birthday Entrance

Material girl
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This One Hurt

Funny meme about how the dodgeball that's stuck in the gym is lonelier than a teenage girl
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Funny video sketch of a guy voice-acting for an anime TV show

Hilarious Sketch Shows What Anime Voice Acting Must Be Like

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Poor Karen

Funny meme about how karens think they're going to die from wearing a mask | Surgeons after wearing a mask for 12 hours straight Karens after wearing a mask for 5 minutes
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Crazy Karen has meltdown about wearing masks to prevent coronavirus on Facebook live | shrimp binch @shrimpbinch ma'am cannot speak coronavirus's manager is physically impossible 3:38 PM 5/20/20 Twitter iPhone >

Hysterical Karen Has Mask Meltdown On Facebook Live

Hope she makes it through this.
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Photos of Hollywood actors before and after makeup

Dramatic Hollywood Makeup Transformations (40 Pics)

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Hilarious dramatic stock photo memes

14 Stock Photo Memes That'll Put A Big Fake Smile On Your Face

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This Overly Dramatic Subway Ad Has Been The Victim Of Utter Mockery By Memers

This Overly Dramatic Subway Ad Has Been The Victim Of Utter Mockery By Memers

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It's The Best Kind Of Drama

Caption that reads, "Me when there's drama that has absolutely nothing to do with me" above a still of Marie Kondo saying, "I'm so excited because I love mess"
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Very Flashy

Caption that reads, "My mom is so dramatic. I don't even know how to get in the tub" above a pic of a bathtub with tons of fancy curtains on the front of it
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lame sob stories online

17 People Share The Tired Sob Stories They Don't Fall For Anymore

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WebMD Says It's Terminal

Funny meme about being dramatic.
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Windows is So Dramatic

windows microsoft dramatic - 7809826048

Dramatic Eagle

eagles birds gifs funny dramatic - 7479964928
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Left Over Dinosaur, Shoehorn Stork

cool birds gifs critters dramatic - 6976001792


cool treats gifs Cats dramatic - 6901202688
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