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A compilation of hilarious random and mid memes

Mid Memes For Solid 5s

Not everyone can be a 10. However, most people aren't a two either. This reality has caused the bell curve of the population to be labeled a most upsetting term: "mid." Getting called “mid” by a middle school boy in your TikTok comments is rough. It feels like someone is calling you ugly, even though that's technically not what they're saying. Not only are there thousands of mid-people in the world, but there are also thousands of mid-memes. Do you ever see some memes that are just, fine? They'…
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Funniest Drake Memes From His Latest Song With 21 Savage Where He Accidentally Becomes a Baddie

Funniest Drake Memes From His Latest Song With 21 Savage Where He Accidentally Becomes a Baddie

Drake the type of guy...
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Funny programming memes

Programmer Memes That Might Make You Wonder "What's Stopping You From Coding Like This?"

There's been an epidemic sweeping the programming memes community. One meme has positively overtaken r/ProgrammerHumor to the point that it's nearly unuseable. I'm of course talking about, “what's stopping you from coding like this?”
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A compilation of random memes and images

A Listicle of Memes Chosen at Random

This is not your ordinary meme list. One might say this meme list is a bit random . The posts included in the list are not related to each other in any way. They are simply brought together and placed in an order with no rhyme or reason to it. Isn't that a bit silly? Quite whimsical, if you ask me. Listicles of random memes are, as Lady Gaga so eloquently put it, “talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, showstopper, spectacular, never the same, totally unique, completely not ever been done be…
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A compilation of IT, programmer, and computer science memes.

Computer Science Memes For STEM Kings

I don't know if this is said enough, so I'm just going to flat out say it; Being a programmer is a huge accomplishment. Sure, the general population praises those pursuing STEM fields during their high school and college years, but what about after they manifest their dreams of becoming programmers? Programmers and IT specialists work long, hard hours that it's difficult for the normies of the world to understand. You have to learn complex coding languages, stop and start over, all while never…
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Relatable memes, meme, memes

16 Memes That'll Really Only Make Sense To The Ladies

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funny memes, running memes, dank memes, jogging memes, exercise, fitness | illustration So l've been jogging lately and have had painful nip chafe relief cut an old shirt wear at home forgot wearing had package delivered my door | drakeposting body Getting faster been running months body Getting slower forget run week

18 Relatable Memes for Runners

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funny memes, dank memes, drake memes | drakeposting how to explain wormholes pencil stuck through a sheet of paper
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Funny music memes, bernie sanders meme, drake memes, metal memes, music, rap memes, dank memes | her: my boyfriend is producer her boyfriend: Bernie am once again making mediocre trap beat bernie sanders fundraising campaign i am once again asking for your financial support. drakeposting Coronavirus Flu tang clan

Music Related memes That Cover Every Genre

There's something here for everyone.
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Drake Must Be Stopped

funny meme about drake texting baby yoda, headline about drake texting baby yoda referencing the fact he's been revealed to be texting with younger girls
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Funny memes, independent reading time memes, silent reading time memes

Memers Go Back To School With Preachy Reading Time Sh*tposts (16 Memes)

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So Real

Funny meme about how spaghetti sauce never gets on flannel shirts, you only get stains if you're wearing a white shirt.
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The Choice Is Clear

Drake meme where the top panel reads, "Asking the teacher for help" above a panel that reads, "Sitting there like a f*cking idiot"
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Text that reads, "'Started from the bottom now we here??' Amazed by technology, Drake steps out of the elevator"
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Aww, Thanks Wikipedia!

Drake meme where the top panel represents Wikipedia and "Using ads" and the second panel represents Wikipedia and "Respectfully ask its users to donate money in order to keep the site running without ads"
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This Is A Normal Thing To Do

Funny meme about dating, dating meme, confessing love.
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