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Thirty Niche 'Dr. Stone' Memes For Anime Nerds

If you're unfamiliar with the manga TV series Dr. Stone, we'll give you a bit of a rundown: set in the year 5738 AD, genius student Senku Ishigami sets out to study humans petrified by a mysterious flash of light that occurred 3,700 years prior. After learning that reviving people is possible using nitric acid, he revives his friend Taiju Oki and two others with the goal of rebuilding society.

For the rest of you who clicked here because you're fanboys/girls of the show, please scroll down! And then head over here for more generic anime memes!

Funny memes about the anime 'Dr. Stone' | Teacher are laughing about Nothing My Brain : Spider Man pulling an anime girl's eyes together | no one: people 3719 years later: Today is October 5th, 5738.
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