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Fourteen 'Unexpected' 'Sonic' Memes Featuring Jim Carrey

One of our favorite memes is "They Had Us In The First Half," so we were extra excited to see this similar dank meme from the Sonic the Hedgehog movie featuring Jim Carrey as Dr. Robotnik uttering the line, "I was not expecting that." 

Scroll down for some of our favorites and check out Know Your Meme for more examples!

Funny dank memes from the 'Sonic' movie entitled, "I Was Not Expecting That" featuring Jim Carrey | after first month 2020 has WWII, Australia on fire/floods coronavirus, and Kobe dying not expecting but expecting not expect something so doesn't really count | If man pays lunch, Pay dinner. If he pays movie tickets, Buy snacks. If he buys shoes, Get him nice suit. If he's having rough day, Help him out. Stop expecting be treated like queen while are not treating him like king
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