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People Discuss What’s Considered ‘Trashy’ if Someone’s Poor, but ‘Classy’ if They’re Rich

We're not always aware of our own internalized double standards, but that doesn't mean they're not there. The way we perceive others is shaped by our learned prejudices whether we like it or not, and society tends to harshly judge its people based on how much money they have. In 2016, @AnaSamways asked Twitter, 'What's considered trashy if you're poor, but classy if you're rich?' The resulting thread kept going viral over the years, presumably because lots of people have something to say about t
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Funny video making a mockery of guys who like stereotypical things

Things Basic Bros Love (Video)

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Better Have That Dinner Ready When I Get Home!

Caption that reads, "Women should be fit, know how to cook, have long hair, wear makeup, wear pink and feminine colors, shave, and listen to men or else they don't even have a CHANCE with a guy like me" above an image of a fat, balding Timmy Turner from The Fairly Oddparents
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Double Standards


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Farticus' Last Stand

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Double Standards

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They're Such Retards

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