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No Me Gusta :(

Caption that reads, "When the only thing you explore is the refrigerator" above a pic of a very fat Dora the Explorer pillow
Via StTomat


Funny meme about people who watch rick and morty vs people who watch dora the explorer using images from spongebob.
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Dora's Been Explorin'

funny memes dora the explorer head
Via sdfghjkoiuytred

It's In His Nature

comics entertainment nature names dora the explorer web comics - 8348102400
By FatherofGray (Via Hinoneko)

Screamer No Screaming!

dora the explorer class school tumblr masks - 8182335744

Dora Trouble

rage dora the explorer mom - 8164393728
By olivertehkitteh

Catchy Music

socially awkward penguin troll baby oh god why dora the explorer Theme Song - 8090795520
By GLaDOSpotatOS

Go From Boots the Monkey to Thigh-High Latex Boots

50 shades of grey books dora the explorer - 7992593152
By Unknown

Blame it on the Cartoons

cartoons dora the explorer funny - 7970419968
By Unknown

Screamer No Screaming!

school teachers dora the explorer - 7879780096
By Unknown

My Eyes, Can't Unsee

eyes dora the explorer funny - 7846267904
By Unknown

The Mountain is Right Behind You

dora the explorer graphs Daytime TV funny Pie Chart - 4490221056
By potterpeep1997

So Adorabowl!

puns dora the explorer funny - 7514510592
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Dora and the Destiny Medallion Continues!

college humor dora the explorer - 7245067008
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Dora The Explorer And the Destiny Medallion Part 2

college humor dora the explorer - 7184122368
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