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DoorDash Proves It's Shady AF In This Incredibly Frustrating Text Message Thread

If you've ever felt frustrated by your employer's business practices then this story involving an irritated DoorDash employee and customer service might make you feel a little less bad about your own situation. 

DoorDash is known for having a sketchy tipping policy, which includes paying employees (known as "Dashers") a guaranteed amount of money per delivery based on the conditions of each delivery. The issue here is that the company pockets any customer tips that put the sum above that guaranteed amount. 

This employee, Carlos, decided to call out the food delivery company for underpaying him and of course, DoorDash did everything in its power to try and stop that.

The moral of the story? Maybe take your business to a different food delivery company next time, or tip your driver in cash!

Text message story about Door Dash employee
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