A compilation of memes themed around food.

Delicious Food Memes To Quench Your Hunger

Food is the fuel of the now. Without it, you will literally die. The only reason you can read this sentence is that you've eaten food recently. Well, that's not the only reason, but it's definitely up there. Food is more than just a tool to not die for most people. While a rare few would prefer just to take a food pill, others see past its admittedly functional nature. Food can be a way of communicating love and care for your family and yourself. Making a meal for somebody can mean much more th…
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Funny tweets about baby nut after super bowl liv | Saint Vic @vic_xo_ No tf he doesn't cartoon peanut can't even compete @OnAirJackson1 15h Jackson Ammons Baby Yoda has some competition #BabyNut  Hector J. Navarro @HectorNavarro_ would mash Baby Peanut pulp and feed Baby Yoda sandwich

Baby Nut Is Inspiring Some Hilariously Violent & Angry Tweets

Nice try, Planters.
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This Is Not False

Funny meme that reads, "Interesting fact #204: donuts are healthier than crystal meth" above a photo of a donut
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breakfast donuts funny memes sugar dessert - 8548613

15 Sugary-Sweet Donut Memes In Honor Of National Donut Day

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Caption that reads, "To the person at work who always steals my donuts...your day of reckoning has come" above a pic of someone injecting mustard into a donut
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The Best Definition Ever Given

Tweet that reads, "Office culture is someone bringing in donuts and everyone for some reason refusing to take a whole one and cutting off 3/8 of the donut and then at the end of the day there's like 17/25ths of nine different donuts left"
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Nothin' To Write Home About

Sign for a donut shop that's had some of its lights go out, that now says, "Day Ight Donuts;" caption reads, "When your donuts aren't great"
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2018 Resolution: Eat More Donuts

Funny meme about donuts being healthier than meth.
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pun about donuts being cruel and also cruller

10 Reasons Why Donuts Are Better Than People

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In an Office, This Counts as a Prank

Sad donuts work - 8795159296
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Did You Know They Make Giant Jelly Filled Cheerios?

donuts cheerios food - 8761622016
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web comics sick Figures
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They're Not Do-Nots

funny sign day ight donuts
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Sometimes Love Isn't Enough

web comics romance donuts Sometimes Love Isn't Enough
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But Not a Single Donut More!

web comics food But Not a Single Donut More!
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Take That, Donut Thief!

trolling memes mustard donuts
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