Funny tweets about baby nut after super bowl liv | Saint Vic @vic_xo_ No tf he doesn't cartoon peanut can't even compete @OnAirJackson1 15h Jackson Ammons Baby Yoda has some competition #BabyNut  Hector J. Navarro @HectorNavarro_ would mash Baby Peanut pulp and feed Baby Yoda sandwich

Baby Nut Is Inspiring Some Hilariously Violent & Angry Tweets

Nice try, Planters.
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This Is Not False

Funny meme that reads, "Interesting fact #204: donuts are healthier than crystal meth" above a photo of a donut
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15 Sugary-Sweet Donut Memes In Honor Of National Donut Day

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Caption that reads, "To the person at work who always steals my donuts...your day of reckoning has come" above a pic of someone injecting mustard into a donut
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The Best Definition Ever Given

Tweet that reads, "Office culture is someone bringing in donuts and everyone for some reason refusing to take a whole one and cutting off 3/8 of the donut and then at the end of the day there's like 17/25ths of nine different donuts left"
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Nothin' To Write Home About

Sign for a donut shop that's had some of its lights go out, that now says, "Day Ight Donuts;" caption reads, "When your donuts aren't great"
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2018 Resolution: Eat More Donuts

Funny meme about donuts being healthier than meth.
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pun about donuts being cruel and also cruller

10 Reasons Why Donuts Are Better Than People

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In an Office, This Counts as a Prank

Sad donuts work - 8795159296
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Did You Know They Make Giant Jelly Filled Cheerios?

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web comics sick Figures
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They're Not Do-Nots

funny sign day ight donuts
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Sometimes Love Isn't Enough

web comics romance donuts Sometimes Love Isn't Enough
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But Not a Single Donut More!

web comics food But Not a Single Donut More!
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Take That, Donut Thief!

trolling memes mustard donuts
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Trying New Things is One of My Better Ones, Though

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