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Funny tweets about Keanu Reeves lookalike who is allegedly a Donald Trump supporter, twitter thread | facebook post by Bill Montanary OperationFlagDrop Maryland Bike Show this past weekend with Keanu. Apparently he restores antique bikes and is Trump supporter with Cheryl Putnam. TOYOTA TRUMP 2020 KEEP AMERICA GREAT! Kawasaki | tweet by SARA @chanelwhoree_ Replying ogrods ordered online vs my package arrives

Fake Keanu Impresses Trump Supporter, Inspires Twitter Comedy

Discount Keanu has Twitter in stitches.
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Funny dank memes depicting Nancy Pelosi ripping up a piece of paper | nancy pelosi during trump's state of the union speech reading a piece of paper then ripping it in half. Numerous scientific studies have shown no link vaccines and autism Anti-Vax Moms Anti-Vax Moms @whitepeoplehumor can't complain about being lonely valentines day if don't even try speak people around

'Nancy Pelosi Ripping Paper' Proves The Political Memes Aren't Going Anywhere

This meme has been everywhere lately!
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Twitter, memes, president Donald Trump photograph face spray fake tan orange circle unblended bronzer makeup | Can somebody get President United States beauty blender half peeled orange

Trump Gets Roasted And Meme'd For His Orange Tan Line

Trump called fake news on this photo.
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Funny video of Donald Trump conducting a fake orchestra during the National Anthem during the Super Bowl

Trump Pretends To Conduct An Orchestra During The National Anthem

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Funny dank memes about Switzerland during a hypothetical World War III | Switzerland during World War II: woman in a shirt that says JUST HOPE BOTH TEAMS HAVE FUN. pics of a person representing Switzerland jumping between walls: floor is World War III.

Switzerland's Neutrality Roasted With Dank Memes About World War III

About time to pack up and move to Switzerland we think.
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Enough Said

funny meme about presidents and wii sports | george w. bush: wii sports 2006, wii play 2006, wii fit 2007, wii music 2008. barack obama: wii sports resort (2009), wii fit plus (2009), wii party (2010), wii play motion (2011), wii party u (2013). donald trump: there have been zero wii series games during the presidency of donald trump. wwiii.
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funny tweetes about getting drafted in world war three, world war III, donald trump | tweet by fc_1869 healthy 18-30 year old male and see #WorldWarThree trending chuckles danger. pic of three pregnant women tweet by VictoriacNieves and my girls hear women might get drafted ww111

Everyone's Tweeting About Getting Drafted In WWIII

We're all pregnant.
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dank edgy memes | woman drinking coffee wonder if he's thinking about Guinness World Records are just odd flexes. Elon Musk do say again? Tomato or Tomato? Donald J. Trump Replying elonmusk Gif

16 Dank Memes That'll Inject Your Day With A Little Edge

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Tale As Old As Time

random memes funny memes Memes russia donald trump Vladimir Putin parents politics - 9403437824
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Cursed Boomer images, cringey political memes, democrats, republicans, donald trump, hillary clinton, barack obama, greta thunberg, climate change

Cursed Boomer Images That Prove The Left & Right Are Both Cringey AF

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Funny tweets in reaction to trumps colorado border wall comments

Twitter Is Having A Field Day Over Trump's 'Colorado Border Wall'

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Funny memes entitled, "Nancy Pelosi Pointing at Donald Trump"

Nancy Pelosi Pointing At Trump Is An Assertive Dank Meme

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Funny memes and tweets.

30 Amusing Memes & Tweets To Keep You Going

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I'm 14 And This Is Deep

Funny meme with photos of Donald Trump and text that reads, "Sometimes we put up walls, not to keep people out, but to see who cares enough to knock them down"
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Funny random memes, funny tweets, communism, gaming memes, dank memes

Pointless Memes For Your Weekend Pleasure (27 Memes)

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