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Barbie Memes for Barbie Girls on National Barbie Day

You can be anything
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A compilation of funny tweets about the hilarious new horror movie M3GAN

Hilarious M3GAN Tweets For Fans of the Newest Horror Doll

Annabelle, and Chucky, move aside!
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A compilation of memes about American Girl Dolls

American Girl Doll Memes For Samanthas, Mollys, and Addys Alike

I think I know more about American Girl Dolls than you do, genius, and I really do mean that! I was an American Girl Doll stan as a child, and even though I haven't fully gotten to the adult doll collector stage of life, I wouldn't be surprised if I get there at some point. I spent many moons thumbing through the American Girl catalog as a kid, imagining what it would be like to have an ice cream bar for my doll for only $250! Even though I loved the Girl of The Year dolls and the look-alike do…
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A compilation of tweets about the upcoming horror movie M3GAN and the titular characters viral dance

The Funniest M3GAN Tweets That Celebrate The Titular Creepy Dancing Doll

There's a new dancing doll in town, and her name is M3GAN. Horror movies such as Childs Play and Annabelle have put creepy dolls on the map as certified horror icons. However, creepy dolls don't just have to be red-headed Raggedy Ann-esque weirdos. They can also be uncanny-valley animatronic dancing girls who are both killers and fierce divas! Earlier this week, Universal came out with the trailer for their upcoming horror movie M3GAN , which follows a woman named Gemma who takes in her young n…
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Deranged, Barbie-Obsessed Woman Lives in Life Size, Ridiculous, Pink Fantasy Mansion With a Pink Car, Tiny Dog, and 100 Pairs of Pink Sunglasses

Pretty in pink? More like pretty insane.
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Deranged Memes & Tweets About The Future Of American Girl Dolls

They're not so innocent
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We All Did This As Kids

Funny meme that reads, "Me making my GI Joes make out with my sister's Barbies just to make her cry" above a photo of the director of Parasite making his Oscars kiss
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Life In Plastic, It's Fantastic

Panel meme of Ken saying, "Come on Barbie, let's go party;" Barbie replies, "Ah ah ah yeah;" Ken replies, "So is that a yes or a no"
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What a Cute Idea

lights creepy doll image - 8994704128
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This Is One of the Reasons They Say Craigslist Is Dangerous

doll evil craigslist This Is One of the Reasons They Say Craigslist Is Dangerous
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See What Happens

baby creepy doll - 8755874816

How to Make Sure Everyone Thinks You're a Sociopath in 23 Quick Steps

turn a doll into a wine glass
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The Horror, The Horror

doll funny scary wtf - 8249905408

Don't Try Her, She Looks Angry

wtf doll buttons angry funny - 8210096384

I Didn't Know Miley Had Her Own Doll

doll miley cyrus rugrats funny - 8085012480

Something Is Terribly Wrong Here

toys doll stroke funny - 8070372864
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