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Funny times people ate food wrong | @CUTechBuff Love my daughter but suddenly concerned she may skin my sleep. WHO EATS BURRITO LIKE THIS Served wich Rice.and ST KID | INDIGO @rockindigo Only serial killer would carry pizzas like this piz .co piz

15+ Cringey Instances Of People Eating Food Wrong

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Dogs Are Bad at Planting

dogs doing it wrong drug stuff - 3219702528
By Unknown


cookies doing it wrong hilarious pizza - 4725323520
See all captions By shadowx93

Maybe the Horse Is Counting

hide and seek doing it wrong funny - 8461406720
By Unknown

Looks Good to Me

russia bears doing it wrong funny - 8441488640
By Unknown

Use Whatever Works

doing it wrong teabag funny - 8070315776
By Unknown

I Thought Flame Broiled Was Burger King...

doing it wrong burger king funny - 7852087808
By PrincessWordplay

Sweet Hair, Bro

hair wtf doing it wrong funny - 7809230336
By Unknown

Close Enough

lobotomy doing it wrong funny - 7773964032
By Unknown

So That's Not How Coupons Work?

doing it wrong funny - 7686541056
By VolcanoTX

Prepare for the Summer

summer doing it wrong sunscreen funny - 7582539008
By Unknown

Don't Coddle Him, It's Still Wrong!

ducks cute doing it wrong funny - 7460397824
By Irongamer

If At First You Don't Succeed

drink beer wtf doing it wrong funny - 7443619584
By Unknown

Driving Is the Pits

driving doing it wrong truck funny - 2944487936
By TDyk

That's a Heck of a Kilt

wtf kilt doing it wrong - 3019842816
By Unknown

Classic: I Thought This Was the Garage

carpool pool doing it wrong - 3091341824
By tangentiality
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