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This doesn't seem healthy.

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We All Do This

Funny tweet about people using Q-tips to clean out their ears even though a doctor tells them not to | Connor Stone @connorstonehere Doctor: You shouldn't clean out your ears with Q-tips. Me: Yeah obviously, anyone who does that is an idiot. In my head: Except me. I clean my ears with Q-tips the smart way. 2:01 PM • 07 Feb 20 • Twitter for Android
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He'll Help You Whether You're A Brother Or Whether You're A Mother

Picture of a sign that reads, "Dr. B. Gee" under the caption, "Presumably good at helping people stay alive"
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That Was Easy

Funny web comic about going to the dotor and being sexually active.
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Lose Yourself

funny dank meme about eminem and alcoholism.
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Doctor's Office Rage

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Wait For It...

Y U NO doctors office waiting - 8368570880
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Gotta Show Off My Battle Scars

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It's Just a Reflex Now

me gusta doctors office facepalm - 7076683520
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