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A Succulent Crop of Adam Levine Messages Memes Straight from the DMs

Have you check your DMs for a message from Adam Levine?
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Desperate Dirtbags & Softbois Who Probably Never Get Laid

We see it in private DMs. We see it in comment sections. We see it on dating profiles. Softbois , “ nice guys ,” and straight up dirtbags who are pathetically down bad. It seems like some dudes are so depressingly horny, that they become possessed by some sort of cringe demon. How else do you explain the mortifying word garbage these softbois are capable of assaulting other human beings with? We've got a bunch of painful examples of what we're talking about from the best archivist of softboi cr…
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Cringey Messages & Pathetic Pick Up Lines From Desperate Softbois

What is a softboi ? If you've ever received a flirty unsolicited message from someone who speaks in platitudes, drops backhanded compliments that simultaneously flatter and insult, or talks at length about how "different" they are, then you likely already know. Thanks to @beam_me_up_softboi 's archive of weird DMs from pick-up artists, sapiosexuals, and self-proclaimed ' nice guys ,' we've amassed a very cringe compilation of receipts that prove how low softbois can go.
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Cringey nice guys, bitter nice guys, incels dming women, men who can't deal with rejection | a boy blocking a light saber strike from behind object labeling And nice girl Nice guys | Tweet all boys do is play 2k, jerk off, and lie. Queen dont even have gaming system and been on no fap over 40 days now would never lie someone as kind as would love talk more DMs

A Cringeworthy Collection of 'Nice Guy' Memes & Moments

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Strange & Funny Text Messages Taken Out of Context

Communication is key
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Funny and weird texts and dms, cringe, horny people | This text conversation is related DoorDash order food has been delivered. Enjoy want so bad | do want do this Read 8:35 PM can't even verbally explain much don't want do toes intertwined

20+ Texts Filled With Comedy & Cringe

Ah, the great communicators.
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Cringey and creepy messages from desperate guys, roleplay, asterisk

Creepy & Cringey Instances of Textual Roleplay

Oh god
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Cringey tweets from creepy guys, reply guys | Meghan Daum could just keep them do think? Or keep one would be just @meghan_daum 5h $1000. ENEOSa t 2 15 14 Stephen Marche Follow Replying meghan_daum have see on foot decide 4:58 PM 11 Jun 2019 ta 5 | RipleyShaine @ThatOne Re 1h would love Fallout: New Orleans 4 32 Aidan Replying ThatOneRed Guard and @BethesdaStudios would love be toilet paper 5/29/18, 09:45

15+ Cringey Times Reply Guys Risked It All

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messaging married woman cringe | *nervously approaches with my hands clasped together, eyes shyly cast downward* H-hello, my beautiful Queen *timidly raises my gaze soft smile playing across my lips* M- may kindly -ask are on this day? takes soft gasp air as drink glowing beauty, nervously awaiting reply*

Dude Slides Into Married Woman's DMs In Cringey Neckbeard Fashion

This exchange is straight-up painful.
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Amusing Things From The World Of Online Dating

Funny Tinder conversations
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Woman schools instagram pyramid schemer in direct messages, itworks! scam | No thank No offense or business just don't support pyramid schemes. This isn't pyramid scheme omg assume work ItWorks! based off profile, which is multilevel marketing. Not trying

Shameless Pyramid Schemer Gets Schooled In Her DMs

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funny texts, text messages, funny memes, memes, text messages, dms, funny dms, direct messages, tinder, instagram, lol | Landlord There's family rats living my bathroom! No pet allowed building Also rent is due | Hey Riley Now group project is over wondering if maybe wanted hang out more u Riley Hey had fun doing project but have boyfriend! RA Dev Arjun sent this project group chat adownbadpatrol Lauren L MY GOD Ellie ES FEEL SO BAD BUT HAHAHA

21 Very Funny & Very Fake Text Message Memes

These memes are like amusing mini short stories
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Twitter reacts to allegations of Armie Hammer's cannibalistic sexting, direct messages, twitter reactions, funny tweets | Me: I wonder how tumblr is reacting to the armie hammer stuff? Tumblr: cannibal armie hammer mood board by yours truly | rae @rachellobaugh no one: armie hammer: I am going to create a horny dm that is so cannibalistic

Armie Hammer's Kinky Cannibalistic DMs Are Freaking Twitter Out

Whoa there, Armie
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Still Applies In 2020

Funny meme that reads, "This is how I'm sliding into DMs in 2019" above a Tinder conversation where someone pretends that his emoji dog Max ran off into someone's DMs
Via nkschum75
we are not the same memes, twitter memes, dating memes

'We Are Not The Same' Twitter Memes Are Melodramatic And Hilarious

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Caption that reads, "Him: I bet you get hella DMs; My DMs: ..." above an Instagram screenshot of a message that reads, "Hello, I was wondering if you can marry me so I can gain access to America..."
Via meowmeowmix
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