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'But the roof isn't gonna raise itself': Millennials clap back at Gen Z when they claim it's cringe to put your hands in the air at the club

Millennials can't resist a direct order from– We MUST put our hands in the ayer ay-ayer ayer ay-ayer
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Day Drinking Party Memes for Wild Weekenders Who Live a Life of Debauchery

Nobody likes mimosas, it's just an excuse to start day drinking as early as possible
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Funniest Boozy Memes for People Who Won't Admit They Have a Mild Drinking Problem

Funniest Boozy Memes for People Who Won't Admit They Have a Mild Drinking Problem

Stock up on some Pedialyte
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DJ Plays Kid's Disco, Shares Their Amusing And Nonsensical Song Requests

They've got taste
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Wow, Time To Feel Old

Tweet that reads, "In like 15 years, somewhere in a crowded, fashion-savvy nightclub, a DJ is gonna drop Baby Shark and the place is gonna EXPLODE"
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When Are They Gonna Start Touring

Tweet that reads, "I just learned that Mike Pence's middle name is Charles. So together they're DJ Trump and MC Pence. WTF?"
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Oh Hell Yeah Turn It Up

Caption that reads, "When the DJ plays an absolute banger" above a classical art painting of someone playing the violin next to someone contorting themselves into a weird shape
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No requests

Funny meme about djing, ancient egyptian art.
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He's Just Trying to Get a Reaction

dj puns science - 8805487104
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The Most Hyped Tour of the Year

image dj meme The Most Hyped Tour of the Year
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dj club list trolling - 713477

Dude Gets Mistaken for a DJ and Offered a Job, Decides to Just Roll With It

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Dude Is Partying Way Too Hard

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dj trolling Video - 73607169

What Happens When a DJ Pisses Off the Lighting Guy?

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That Kid Is Amazing

dj kids awesome funny - 8456831744

Heaven Must Sound Awesome, Mr. Spock

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dj Music Street fighter video games - 67938305

Using a Drum Machine to Make Sweet Tunes, and Awesome Street Fighter Moves!

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