They Grow Up So Fast

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Military memes.

34 Hilarious Military Memes That Know The Struggle

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Well This Is Awkward

Tweet where a therapist asks their patient if they blame themselves for their parents' divorce, patient says 'not really' and the therapist says that they actually probably should
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24 Clever Tweets We Wish We'd Tweeted Ourselves

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lawyer on twitter is funny

Cool Lawyer's Tweets Will Make You Want To Break The Law

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cringey posts

16 Sad And Cringey Posts That'll Make You Feel All Sorts Of Weird

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revenge on cheaters

16 Petty People Reveal The Hilarious Ways They Got Revenge On Their Cheating Exes

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The Shame of The Son

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The Fountain of Truth's a Whole Nother Ballgame

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Split Custody

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That Moment When Sleep Talking Ends up Seriously Complicating Your Life

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Clever Advertising Level: Expert

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Whoa, I Was Not Looking for a Dose of Too Real With My Jokes Today

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World's Best Divorce Lawyers

ditch her quick and hide divorce lawyers
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Nice Shirts Finish Last

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Either Way It's Depressing

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