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Scary Science Facts That Most People Don't Think About

Not-so-fun facts
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Weird And Wretched YouTube Comments From Deeply Disturbed Minds

I'm scared
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Mildly Cursed Things for People Who Like to Feel Slightly Uncomfortable

Thanks, I hate it.
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Funny cursed and spicy memes and tweets, thanks i hate it, lol | eats 400 kernels unpopped popcorn before die guy he cremates Somon without.. | Lumberzack @ltsLumberzack dudvwels snickers have dick vein Gray @StfuSmoke 22h Make mad 5 words or less

20 Spicy Posts From Agents Of Chaos

Oh no.
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Funny and gross pictures and advertisements of gross foods from the mid-twentieth century

Disturbing Foods That Our Boomer Parents Used To Eat

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Creepy twitter story about kid discovering stranger in his kitchen, later the dude dies in the walls of the house, smells, maggots | Grady Hendrix @grady_hendrix One night May 81 ordered Fish Shrimp House waited until everyone asleep crept downstairs eat leftover sweet n'sour pork. took forever finally stepped into totally dark den let down my guard. All sudden heard fork click on counter froze microwave clock light showed outline man sitting at kitchen counter can't explain terrifying is

Eerie Twitter Story About Kid Sneaking Food & Discovering Trespasser

Brace yourself for the heebie jeebies.
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cursed and uncomfortable images | bare human feet with heels growing out of the soles | bee flying close to a human eye touching it

20 Highly Uncomfortable Images For Brave Eyes Only

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funny cringe pics, cringey posts, social media | Im so goddamn sad because my dad just died and dont know do with myself feel like nothing matters anymore. He only person could talk world BanManfredBot Now hi so goddamn sad because my dad just died and dont know do with myself. im dad am just bot. weird and disturbing toy that's part garfield the cat and part banana

Cringey Pics & Memes For Those Who Wish To Suffer

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Good God

Tweet that reads, "My daughter just ruined Toy Story forever. She said if one of the toys died Andy wouldn't know and he'd carry on playing with its corpse"
Via AnUpvoteForYourDog
Disgusting Recipes 1950s

Tumblr Post About Disgusting Recipes Will Make You REALLY Glad You Don't Live In The '50s

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Mildly Disturbing Pics, phone twisted in a bike's chain

32 Mildly Disturbing Pics To Put You In A Real Weird Mood

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disturbing wtf pics

18 Slightly Disturbing Pics That'll Make You Feel Mildly Uncomfortable

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seatbelt disturbing kids Video - 69548545

Always Wear a Seatbelt

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A Very Disturbing Movie

wizard of oz wtf disturbing funny - 7874268416
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disturbing face - 4574886656
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darth vader disturbing face hilarious star wars - 4935163392
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