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The Best ADHD Memes for Professional Procrastinators

It feels like more and more adults are realizing that ADHD might be the real reason they spent years of struggling to focus, complete tasks, and maintain relationships. Everyone gets distracted sometimes, especially when the internet is pummeling your attention span on a daily basis, but attention deficit and hyperactivity is debilitating on a whole other level. Whether you struggle with ADHD or know someone who does, you'll likely appreciate these relatable memes that paint a picture of what l…
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Home Worker Finds Solidarity After Admitting She Needs "Emotional Support Movie" Put On In The Background To Do Her Job

It's comforting, apparently
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48 Memes Because We All Need A Distraction

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adhd, add, hyperactive, mental health, distraction, forgetful, relatable memes, attention span, adhd memes, mental health memes, twitter memes, funny tweets, relatable tweets, memes, funny, lol | mitski @mitskileaks adhd complete and sudden obsession complete and sudden disinterest light switch | Roxi Horror O roxiqt Having ADHD is cool because 's like, alright going sit down, focus and write tweet but first need get cup coffee kitchen but my favorite mug is actually bedroom on bookshelf should

26 ADHD Memes & Tweets For Hyperactive Brains

Distracting memes about distraction
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Funny memes about having ADHD | Moana and Heihei the chicken MY GOALS MY ADHD SYMPTOMS | The Office Pam Today's do list Tomorrow's do list Corporate needs find differences between this picture and this picture. They're same picture.

Fourteen ADHD Memes You Can Hyper-focus On

Memes to help keep y'all focused!
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Funny and fresh tweets, relatable tweets, quarantine tweets, covid-19 | unapologetic dosesofkae_ Omg Having hard time which one decorating my new crib y'all think? OLLAR GENERAL AANK THANK yournage 8:13 AM 5/25/20 Twitter iPhone plastic bags | Greg One Leg @Greg_1_Leg This one is 100 percent true still groggy after having my leg amputated Dad:.Don't worry son ll only take half time cut toenails now. 11:31 AM 5/26/20 Twitter iPhone

Tasty Tweets To Satisfy Your Mindless Scrolling Needs

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Funny memes - people who have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder | professor x using telepathy power: trying remember heard or said just moments ago. mocking spongebob: AdHd iS sUpErPoWeR

Twenty-Six ADHD Memes For The Easily Distracted

We hope you can stay focused on these memes, our ADHD-having friends!
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38 Fire Memes To Help You Take It Easy

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Caption that reads, "When you own a dog" above pics of a cute dog trying to distract his human from working on their computer
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30 Entertaining Memes That'll Distract You From The Ennui

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He's Just So Versatile

Text that reads, "Teacher: What are you laughing at? Me: Nothing; Also me: ..." above a pic of Elon Musk's face photoshopped to look like a musket called an 'Elon Musket'
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27 Ridiculous Memes To Take Your Mind Off It All

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Random Memes

30+ Random Memes To Give You A Nice Little Cackle

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19 Memes To Distract You From Your Meaningless Life

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10 Ridiculously Bad Lip-Reading Gifs To Distract You From Work

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Happens to the Best of Us

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