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Fourteen ADHD Memes You Can Hyper-focus On

Memes to help keep y'all focused!
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Funny memes - people who have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder | professor x using telepathy power: trying remember heard or said just moments ago. mocking spongebob: AdHd iS sUpErPoWeR

Twenty-Six ADHD Memes For The Easily Distracted

We hope you can stay focused on these memes, our ADHD-having friends!
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'Ooh, Haven't Seen This Since I Was 8!'

Caption that reads, "When you're cleaning your room and you get distracted by stuff you found" above a pic of a woman wearing a fancy mask playing on her phone
Via oenavia

Lost Time

driving distracted - 8342303488
Created by Ragabash42

Distracted Mothers are the Best

distracted poker face mom i lied computer guy - 8296158720
Created by PersonMcFace

Distracted Fapping

rage scumbag brain distracted - 8201858048
Created by FatherofGray

Does That Sound Really Good to Anyone Else?

hungry news syria distracted soldiers fighting - 6798323712
See all captions Created by OneSkunkTodd

Dammit Bill

Hillary Clinton bill clinton kissing wife oops distracted - 6620912896
See all captions Created by PrincessWordplay

Does Anybody Have a Dollar?

distracted Hillary Clinton hungry - 6401317632
See all captions Created by stratgedy

Not Sure if Entertained or Distracted

Ad distracted fry gifs Memes shirts - 5055247616
See all captions Created by Jeffrey.the.Red