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Douchey Disney Employee Ruins Perfect Proposal Opportunity

Zero chill
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Controversial Thread Rails Against The Phenomenon Of “Disney Adults”

Like OK, we get it
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Gym Bro Gets Roasted For Judging People Who Don’t Lift At Disneyland

What was he expecting?
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Food Blogger Shares Theory About How Disneyland Brainwashes Guests With Intoxicating Aromas

Ever walk down Main Street in Disneyland and get the sudden, unbearable craving for vanilla ice cream in a giant waffle cone? Or maybe you can't quite remember what happens in the Haunted Mansion, but you can still recall the smell of that musky elevator. According to TikToker @hangryblogger , Disneyland is brainwashing its patrons with devices called 'smellitizers' that emit intoxicating aromas and manipulate you into buying their churros. Uh, what? Is that even necessary? I mean, churros smel…
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The Happiest Place On Earth

Funny meme with goofy and mickey wearing guns, enforcing the covid-19 restrictions | When Disneyland has to enforce the newest COVID-19 restrictions
Via u/rusty-pipes
funny tweets in response to parody tweet about goofys death | Disneyland @Disneyland2go Goofy has died Kyle @KylePlantEmoji Replying Disneyland2go Goofy has risen Goofy will come again

Disneyland Parody Account Goes Viral After Tweet About Goofy's Death

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Funny video of an altercation between a Disneyland patron and a Stormtrooper

Guy With Lightsaber Gets Owned By A Sassy Stormtrooper

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I Sound Like A Gremlin

Funny meme about hearing one's voice in their head vs. hearing their voice on a recording
Via ManitySanity
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Bitter Facebook Mommy Whines About 'Childless Millennials At Disney World'

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Tweets about Viral video of Disneyland Fight in Toon Town.

Twitter's Freaking Out Over Violent Family Fight At Disneyland

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These Service Dogs Took A Trip To Disneyland And It's The Cutest Thing You'll See Today

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This Dad Took His Daughter to Disneyland and the Internet Made Her Dreams/Nightmares Come True

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How to Tell if the Internet Has Ruined You

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The Happiest Place on Earth, Not the Healthiest


A Castle Rises From the Rubble

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The Saddest Dude

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