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Toddler Watches Disney's 'Lilo & Stitch' for the First Time and Has the Most Wholesome Heartbreaking Reaction

We are all this toddler.
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20+ Times Disney One-Liners Brought the Savagery

It's easy to shrug off a lot of kids movies as cutesy garbage. Disney especially. But while Disney might have a reputation for being all about wholesome love stories, musicals, and empowerment, there is often an undercurrent of adult humor or wit below the surface. Which is great when you think about all the tired parents who must need a bit of funniness that they can appreciate while being dragged to movie matinees they could really care less about. The dirty Disney easter eggs are probably th…
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Every Time

Funny meme about disney logic, beautiful, selena gomez taking off glasses
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So Wholesome

Funny meme about an original fairy tale story vs. the more wholesome Disney adaptation featuring Patrick Star from Spongebob | Me: sneaks into the kitchen when everyone's asleep The cupboard door:
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Cool mashups of classic horror movies and disney | 12c ONCE UPON DREAM DEVIL INSIDE KICK Wor FISTEPS Exorcist PUNCH Sleeping Beauty projectile vomit on the prince | The Aristocats KICK PET SEMATARY 120 WOLT FISTEY PRODUCTIONS presents PUNCH PET SEMATARY DEAD CATS WHO KNOW WHERE 'S AT!

Disney Goes Dark In These Brilliant Horror Mashups

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'Unhappily Ever After' Is A Dark Twist On Disney Classics

Not the Disney of your childhood.
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Funny dank meme format featuring Kronk from Emperor's New Groove

Dank 'Emperor's New Groove' Memes Are A Blast From The Past

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Caption that reads, "Don't call yourself a fan of music unless you remember this conic duet" above a pic of Hilary Duff and her double on stage in the Lizzie McGuire Movie
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Leaving College And Getting A Job

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22 Obscure Movie Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

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