Caption that reads, "Australians disliking YouTube Rewind 2018, colorized" above a pic of someone underwater giving a thumbs-up above water
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Please Play It Again!

Music dislike pandora - 6945178880
Created by TheEmoticonMaster

Courage Wolf: Friends Are For Chumps

Courage Wolf dislike friends reasons - 5919257600
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To Like, or Not to Like?

change dislike everything like moment Text Stuffs youtube - 5917603328
Created by Biggmac4444

Pushing Patrick: How Do I UNshare This?

dislike facebook like pushing patrick share - 5160753920
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Socially Awkward Penguin: Dislike

dislike facebook socially awkward penguin status - 5058682880
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Hipster Kitty: Equality

dislike haters gonna hate Hipster Kitty - 4272916480
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Catching Up to Justin Bieber

dislike FRIDAY justin bieber Memes Rebecca Black youtube - 4597373696
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PS Everyone Knows Your Smile Is Fake, even on Yahoo Answers

Funny answer on Yahoo Answers regarding if anyone likes them. They don't.
Created by Tyler_G