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'Personality tests train people to lie to their employers': People express dismay at dishwasher job application using AI personality test

Job hunting just got worse
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Man Claims Home Appliances Replace His Need for a Wife, Gets Mercilessly Mocked by Twitter

This type of humor expired in the 70s
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Entitled Dude Causes Conflict Complaining About His Cleaner Washing Cast Iron

Just oil it up again
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Boss Attempts to Pay Dishwasher Less Than Minimum Wage Because He Thinks He Works Too Slow

There's nothing worse than a slimy boss who thinks they're a good person because they pay a little more than minimum wage . Of course, some dirty bosses only pay minimum wage, but at least those people can't rub it in your face that they're allegedly good people; at least they feel a little bit of shame. Working a service job is awful, not only because the pay is usually terrible but because you're constantly being surveilled by your "superiors." Anything you do can and will be used against you…
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Chaotic Single Man With Disorganized Kitchen Shows the Internet the Kind of Mayhem We Live For

I didn’t even know this was an option
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People Are Bamboozled by Grandma's Tips for Correctly Loading the Dishwasher

Who knew!?
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Damn Spoons Always Look So Innocent

Caption that reads, "When you're washing a spoon" under a pic of a guy making some fried rice in a pan
Via chimrichaldsphd

Every Damn Time

Object-label meme where a guy standing on the side of the road getting sprayed with water represents "Me washing dishes" and the car driving past him represents "a spoon"
Via ascvixen24

Le Dishwashers Warm Steam

steam dishwasher me gusta - 6544430080

The Dishwasher Had One Job

rage dishwasher - 8386676736
Created by Iceemrr

Re-raged: Dat FEEL (Glasses Remix)

dishwasher glasses Reframe sweet jesus rage - 8255411456
Created by K16

Dat FEEL.....

dishwasher sweet jesus - 8247385344
Created by KaoticPopTartz

My My, It's Foggy in Here!

dishwasher me gusta glasses - 7623484160

Awesome Mom

Like a Boss laundry dishwasher chores parents - 7167904512

I Just Really Wanted to Touch All These Dirty Plates

dishwasher wtf dishes - 7148158976

School DOES Teach Life Lessons!

dishwasher are you kidding me slippery - 6563530240
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