Sometimes I Hate Being the Family Dish Man

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By Unknown

I Just Really Wanted to Touch All These Dirty Plates

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By Unknown

Oh Wait, I Don't Want to Do The Dishes

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By Unknown


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By Unknown

You Don't Need to Eat Right Now. Or Ever!

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By lol2424242424

All the Chores...

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By GaronHowe

What Are the Chances That This Thing Will Spontaneously Start Running?

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By Unknown

Dishes Ain't My Job

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By Kulkun

The Dishes Have Become Self Aware and Are Replicating on Their Own

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By bobtron

You Were Saying?

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By Unknown

America's Obesity Problem Can be Linked to Their Aversion to Doing Dishes

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By Wes (Via Hotchkisscomics)

I Scored Higher on that Last Online IQ Test We Took

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By NatalieMichele

Just Wash the Dishes, Loser

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By Unknown


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By Unknown

Rage Comics: Dat Wetness

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By Unknown

Get to It, Woman

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By Unknown