Twitter thread where sports fans and twitter users share the most disgusting and cringey food they were served at a match, cursed images, disgusting food, sausages | the worst food you have had at a football match? Here's mine. extremely long sausage in a bun | Cray @joe9696taylor  Replying to @elliotwhu Stevenage away turd in a salad

People Share Heinous Foods They've Bought at Sports Events

Prepare to be disgusted.
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Foul Thread Reveals A Crime Against Workplace Refrigerators Everywhere

Not nice
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beans, baked beans, tinned beans, weird, strange, odd, gross, cursed, gross food, cursed food

15+ Unsettling Instances Of Beans Where They Shouldn’t Be

Mmm… squishy
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funny memes, cringeworthy, cringey images, cursed images, yikes | Mar 21 at 1:31 PM O Now look at had do Mac Cheese! Couldn't find any regular milk nowhere beyond pissed! Rey ORI SELL t 03/26/20 rs LIMITED EDITION TruMou gh fructose prup NO GMO Naturally Ravored 130 Mint Vanilla Lowfat M CALL CALINES @natespade | G FUEL® Gaming HOME! GFUEL @GFUELesports CAMINO Tag someone know who plays with controller like this 15:00 24 Aug 20 Sprout Social 25 Retweets 50 Quote Tweets 366 Likes 27

Painfully Cursed Images We Can't Unsee

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Cursed food photos, gross food, cursed images, disgusting nasty

20+ Revolting Food Pics Gordon Ramsay Would Balk At

He'd faint
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fast food, food, disgusting, gross, wtf, hvac, ice machine, tiktok, hvac-r technician, videos, hotels, food industry, jobs, cursed, cursed food

Technician Exposes Filthy Water Used to Make Ice in Fast Food Restaurants

Very cursed
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Twitter users reactions to disgusting food fat baby from las vegas, stuffed sandwich, pasta

Another Disgusting Food Gimmick Gets Roasted On Twitter

Ready your closest garbage can
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toilets, bathroom, restroom, ew, disgusting, fail, cursed, creepy, horrible

Never Use Public Restrooms Again After Viewing These Unmistakably Cursed Toilets

You would have to be brave to put your butt near these.
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Funny comments on gross pizza and pasta from italians mad at food

Angry Italians Call Out Offensive Attempts At Their Cuisine

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Funny and cringey moments from trashy people | Idk why my last post deleted. This page says no rules. Once again selling positive pregnancy tests 50 each. Need money my kids. Make man yours forever! | Today is 1st time l've been forced wear mask. At my local grocery store just now. At least can breathe my mask got this clever idea someone this group, great idea PLACEBO face mask made of net mesh

Trashy Moments That Belong In A Landfill

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Twitter users react to horrifying and disgusting ultimate nachos hack, funny, wtf, cursed, fail | pouring liquid cheese on a table and mashing nachos into it

Feast Your Eyes On The 'Nacho Hack' That's Horrifying The Internet

Oh no baby, what is you doing?
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Painfully cursed images, masochism, cringe, cringeworthy, yikes | does anybody else rinse their pizza before they eat ? | funny lion face

Painful & Cursed Photos For The Masochists Of The Internet

Look away if you have a weak stomach.
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Jello history gross 1950s cinco de mayo disgusting food vintage advertisement wtf old people baby boomers - 8481285

14 WTF Vintage Food Ads That Prove The Past Was A Godless Wasteland Of Horrible Taste

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Cursed food pics.

30 Cringey Food Pics That'll Make You Lose Your Appetite

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Cringey video on Twitter of grimiest licking a toilet seat, gross, yikes, cringe.

Disgusting Toilet Licking Video Has Unleashed A Twitter Cringe Explosion

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Caption that reads, "When you try to swallow a pill, but it doesn't go down and now it's dissolving in your mouth" above a pic of Spongebob looking disgusted
Via shakyepileptic
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