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Dedicated Bestie Dresses In Disguise To Film Her Friend’s Engagement

It’s impressive
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People Are Freaking Out At This Photo Of Camouflage Clothing Actually Working

You’re saying there’s four people in this picture?
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It All Makes Sense Now

Funny meme about how Taylor Swift is actually Napoleon Dynamite in drag
Via PsychopathicCircus

Not At All Creepy

Caption that reads, "When your best friend wants to make sure your first date goes well" above a text conversation of a girl and her friend who wore a disguise to spy on their date
Via DarkWoodOof

Wow, a Completely New Person We've Never Seen Before!

barack obama image disguise politics - 8983954176
Via PoliticalHumor

I've Seen His Head Spin

web comics flowers I've Seen His Head Spin
Via will5nevercome

Clever Girl

disguise Aliens funny airplane - 8374551552

Albus Is a Master of Disguise

disguise Harry Potter dumbledore funny - 8298834944

Behold the World's Greatest Squirrel

costume disguise funny squirrel - 8177432320

Day 32, They Still Haven't Suspected a Thing

disguise gifs chickens Cats - 7857058304

Looks More Like Bane Than Batman

costume disguise cat crime bane - 7824884224

A Clever Disguise

disguise clever funny - 7763844096

Clever Disguise

disguise clever funny - 7515336192

What a Disguise

stealth disguise wtf michael jackson - 3068904704
Created by Samuel.scorpion

Antennas in Disguise

disguise tree - 7323089152

Sweet Football Disguise, Bro

disguise wtf raiders football - 3440531968
See all captions Created by nickyv917
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