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15 Shark Memes You Can Sink Your Teeth Into

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Discovery Channel Twitter Spittin' Hot Fire

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The Use of the Name Einstein

discovery channel history channel idiot names physics Pie Chart usage - 2669428480
Created by Lutranereis

Thanks for the Clarification, Discovery Channel

discovery channel trees television - 8375486976

From 'The Crocodile Hunter' to 'Naked and Afraid'

discovery channel that'd be great science - 8106469888
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This is a TV Show?

go home you're drunk discovery channel - 7734850816
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The Monster That Lies

the most interesting man in the world shark week Memes discovery channel - 7720569344
Created by mdracthewroth

Mythbusters v. Dealiest Catch

crabs discovery channel mythbusters failbook - 7434754048
Created by chubtor

So That's Where Pokemon Come From

that looks naughty tortoise puns discovery channel - 6773138176
Created by Nyika

His Replacement Just Doesn't Have the Same Charisma

bear bear grylls discovery channel fired grills replacement - 5953422848
Created by thukasu

Better Lose My Only Gig

bear grylls discovery channel news - 5972659712
Created by Unknown

And the Discoveries Usually Involve Explosions

discovery channel Pie Chart television - 5354679808
Created by H3nQ

It's a Very Masculine Name for All Those Manly Shows

discovery channel names Pie Chart - 5120481280
Created by ktbbb5

"You Drank 22 Ounces?" "Gallons. 22 Gallons."

bear grylls discovery channel social network - 4678146048
Created by housemacster


discovery channel learning mythbusters shark week venn diagram - 3830795264
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Chat Roulette discovery channel muppets puppets reactions sexytime Video - 8898817

Kermit and Miss Piggy on Chatroulette

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