RIP Pete

Sign that reads, "This is a velociraptor-free workplace - it has proudly been 6 days since the last incident" with a small pic of a guy and a post-it next to it that reads, "We miss you Pete"
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Just Trying To Spread Some Knowledge Here

Pic of a little girl, who represents "Strangers at the party" crying and being cornered by toy dinosaurs, that represent "Me with dinosaur facts"
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And That's How The Dinos Died Out

Twitter joke about how the dinosaurs died out wishing upon a shooting star that turned out to be a meteor
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Reframe: Those Aren't DINOS in the Church...

dinos homestar runner i dont want to live on this planet anymore Reframe - 5047090432
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Dinos in the Church

best of week bible Challenge Accepted church controversy dinos job - 5042449664
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