New Health Foodie Craze "Lettuce Chips" is Being Exposed by TikTokers as Just a Salad

New Health Foodie Craze "Lettuce Chips" is Being Exposed by TikTokers as Just a Salad

The healthy snack is supposed to satisfy that crunchy craving/ salty-tooth so you don't reach for the potato chips—but let's be honest, it's just a salad…
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Thanks for the Support, You Bastard!

diets weight loss tumblr - 8240414464

Diet Logic

diets gluten free obesity - 8176171264

Tiny Burgers For Your Diet

gifs tiny diets burgers - 8475366656
By Unknown

Strict Vegetarian Diet

diets vegetarian cows web comics - 8414011904
Via Jim Benton

Board of Your Diet?

food diets sharks web comics - 8267604480
Via Go Comics

Define "Dietitian"

diets obesity - 8265080576

Eating Healthy

eating diets ice cream web comics - 8196930816
Via Sarah See Andersen

Jesus That's Probably Full of GMO's, Too

jesus diets bread fish web comics - 8189854208

This Sad Truth About Diet Plans

diet sad but true diets web comics - 8147238144
Via The Awkward Yeti

Santa's XL X-Mas Diet

christmas diets santa claus web comics - 7966921728
Via St. Beals

You Guys Can Go McScrew Yourselves

McDonald's diets parenting burgers - 7845999104
Via Reddit

My Weakness!

healthy fitness exercise diets pie oh god why food - 7785798144
By paperguy9989

How to Fudge a Diet

salads diets chocolate food americana - 7767745280
By Unknown

Diets Are Evil

bananas diets chocolate fruit - 6494307328
By Chuckatron
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