Don't Be Square

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Via Pictures and Bad Puns

Americans Will Always Find a Way

diet jurassic park please Rage Comics spoon steak - 6091788544
By Fartboy

Next Time, Stick to the Ellipticals

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By ChinaStolen

Less is More

diet eating weight loss Yahoo Answer Fails - 5934711808
By Alea

A Rotating One, at That

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By buzmurdock

It's Not a Power Switch, Only a Sleep Button

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By Electric0eye

Make It Rain

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By Unknown

Señor Gif: Indiana Jones and the Nectar of the Gods

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By _C_A_T_ (Via

Rage Comics: Oh, Snacks Don't Count

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By Unknown

Probably Both

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By Catlick

It's Low-Cal, I Swear!

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Wouldn't the Food Just Sweat All Those Calories Out If It's Warm?

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By Unknown

Rage Comics: Everything Tastes Better Than Thin Feels

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By Unknown

Mandated Health!

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By Squaller

Wings, Y U No Thinspirational?

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By Unknown

This Is Life Changing, Man

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By Unknown