What Are These "Vegetables" You Speak Of?

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By phuoc.tester.1

I Don't Think That's What He Meant

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It Doesn't Get Any Clearer Than This

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Psssh... Whatever!

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By Unknown

The Key to Dates is to Not Reveal All Your Plans at Once

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Arthur Understands How Dieting Feels

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The Doctor's Office Understands

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Those Damn Cupcakes!

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By Unknown

We've All Met This Person

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This Sad Truth About Diet Plans

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But How?

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Get Logic'ed On, Son!

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Diet Rage!

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By FeatheredRooster

The St. Patty's Day Diet

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Crust for Carbs, Cheese for Fat, Pepperoni for Protein!

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By Unknown
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Just Guess How Many Calories Some Olympic Athletes Need to Eat Per Day...

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