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Funny meme about how Harry Potter's scar is actually supposed to symbolize the killing curse and not a lightning bolt like everyone thought
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Make It Stop

Comic that says that country music makes plants grow faster, shows the plant trying to turn the music off
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The Power Of The Human Spirit is Indefeatable

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Simpsons Did it First

bioshock infinite did you know the simpsons - 8314971904
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makeup did you know nice guys neckbeards girls fedoras dating - 8255839488

Mind Blown

did you know fallout - 8239942656
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Best Gaming Tip Ever

tips did you know gaming - 8185356800
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Did You Know?

did you know brock snorlax - 7958824192
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Did You Know: Doritos Break Science

did you know doritos science - 7950500608
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How Many of These Did You Already Know?

did you know true facts - 7913784064
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Misunderstood Sharks

animals did you know sharks - 7892527872
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Same Voice Actor

did you know Grand Theft Auto Online voice actors - 7854214144
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Scientific Facts About Sharks

did you know sharks animals - 7702070784
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What Do You Think of the Doritos Experience?

did you know doritos food funny - 7494802432
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Nice Try, Duck Lips

did you know gamer girls - 7145981952
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