Dick Cheney

Funny Meme about Christian Bale's transformation into Dick Cheney.

Christian Bale's Crazy "Dick Cheney Bod" Is Inspiring Some Genius Memes

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The "Internet Of Things" is going to be weird

Dick Cheney republican - 7933075200
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Dick Cheney Hillary Clinton Democrat republican - 8801780224
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Tricky Dick

Dick Cheney republican - 8268381696
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This is Marvelous!

Dick Cheney heart happy - 6687801344
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Dick Cheney donald rumsfeld political pictures - 4612343040
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Also Unlike Dick Cheney, You Don't Have a Pig's Heart in Your Chest

Dick Cheney guns kill russia shoot Vladimir Putin vladurday - 4584821760
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Aliens comedian Dick Cheney donald rumsfeld Video wtf - 15651585


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One of My Most Memorable Shootings

Dick Cheney guns shooting vice president - 4450111232
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Was This Photo Taken Before or After the Scooby Gang Ripped the Mask Off?

cartoons Dick Cheney evil scooby doo - 4407562496
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Wave It Proud, Girlfriend!

Dick Cheney hair photoshopped wtf - 4374018816
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demotivational Dick Cheney funny lolz republican yearbook - 3900058112
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Dick Cheney funny lolz - 3856495104
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Dick Cheney news politicians yearbook - 3849079040
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Dick Cheney funny lolz politics pop culture twilight - 3783094784
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Dick Cheney george w bush guns president Republicans running shooting - 3344193280
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