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People Recount Funny & Traumatic Times They Were Wrongly Accused As Kids

There's plenty of injustice in the world. Every day, people are wrongly convicted for crimes they didn't commit. But while adults at least have due process to protect them to a certain extent, children aren't always extended the same respect. In elementary school, it's one kid's word against another, and adults can arbitrarily pick who they believe if they feel like skipping the whole due process thing. When comedian @itsnashflynn told a story about how she got in trouble as a kid for an egg-re…
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Amazing Reasons to Get Detention

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Like Father Like Son

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Classic: Come at Me, I'm Into That

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Shave That for Later, Nasty

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Imagine No Detention

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Terrible Teacher Always Wins

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The Man, The Meme

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I Sent Them a Blue-Eyes White Dragon

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I Doubt It

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