Low Calorie Dessert

Funny meme about getting baked on weed instead of baking pie on thanksgiving.
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Maybe We Can Pick Up Some Desert on the Way Home?

Memes dessert image - 8984948480
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It's REAL!

image dessert science It's REAL!
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The Self-Perpetuating Cycle of Emotional Eating

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Goodnight, Sweet Prince

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It's a FANCY Cookie

funny memes baked chocolate chip cookie dough
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Pretty Sure That's a Great Dessert as Well

Canada pizza dessert funny - 8430477312
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Don't Even Make the Joke You're Thinking of Right Now

cake pie dessert - 8110760704
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Every Relationship Reaches This Point Eventually

relationships dessert the simpsons - 8368300032

You'll Get Nothing and Like It!

restaurants nothing dessert - 8043196672
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Pizza is the Most Versatile Object in the Known Universe

dessert pizza sick truth web comics - 8031601408
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During the Holidays, Dessert is Bigger Than the Actual Meal

dessert holidays snacks parenting - 7962070272
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What as Sweet Message

sign puns dessert - 7842785024
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No Dessert

troll mom moms parenting dessert funny - 7452174848
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A Raging Dinner

cheesecake dinner dessert - 6931420672
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Shouldn'tve Had the Bamboo for Dessert

gifs panda dessert sneeze check receipt - 6682225408
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