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Teachers, Amirite?

Funny meme that reads, "When you forget to turn the projector on" above image panel meme of Gru from 'Despicable Me' looking at a blank projector
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Funny Dank memes from the movie 'Minions 2' entitled "Yes, I am Pretty Despicable" gru as a young boy with hair and wearing his signature striped scarf | 9-year old logging into Club Penguin without my parents' permission | super mario video game

Fifteen Dank 'Despicable Me'-mes From 'Minions 2'

This meme is straight outta Minions 2
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Assorted memes from the r/dankmemes subreddit, dank memes, edgy memes, spicy memes, memes about war, iran memes, meme about wwii art schools featuring michael scott from the office, despicable me meme | gru pointing a gun: Oh so U.S? Name every oil field. smiling michael scott: Art schools looking at any painting after WWIII LOVE !

Fresh & Dank Memes With The Right Amount Of Edge

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Cringy nice guy memes that will sort of explain their behavior but leave you wondering WHY | Person - H* G 1.94 K/s N 89% 09:24 https 3 O Like Comment Share shared post. 3 May at 17:51 8 Boys are good at hiding their pain never understand hehe sorry..sorry my pain LGBTQ 28 April at 15:36 1 share | Person -  finally meet man who has goals, isn't full himself, asks u out at 12pm not 12am talks about his feelings like as friend.

20 Bitter "Nice Guy" Memes That'll Make You Cringe Til You Cry

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I Swear, If I ever See Another Minion...

Meme about 40-year-old moms loving minion memes
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29 Freakin' Hilarious Memes To Show Your Homies

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So, Uh, These Minion Multivitamins are Actually Ecstasy

minion vitamins actually drugs
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When Someone Soils the Innocent Name of Minions

minions despicable me facebook - 8601421312
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Good Luck With Your Tockawocka

minions despicable me gifs cute - 8491994880
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Fifty Shades of Yellow

minions despicable me fifty shades of grey - 8445599744
By Conway

It's Gonna Be All Right

despicable me gifs - 7974544384
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This Donut Maker Totally Looks Like Minion

minions despicable me totally looks like - 7954985216
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Miss Hattie from Despicable Me Totally Looks Like Professor Umbridge

despicable me totally looks like miss hattie funny - 7730458880
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The Minions Totally Looks Like 1929 Workers

despicable me totally looks like funny - 7610486016
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despicable me Video - 50807809

Steve Carell Looks Adorable as Gru

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Sneak Peak of "Despicable Me 2"

despicable me kids boys names funny - 7486456064
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