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'I don’t mean to scream’: Nightmare office environment causes employee to put up hilarious sign outside their curtained workspace

Employee in their natural habitat
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'Clearly I'm employee of the year': Gen Z corporate worker hilariously details how she makes herself at home in the office

She has special accommodations
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'[She] spilled it on my papers': Kindergartener steals teacher's iced coffee, spills it all over her desk

What kindergartener drinks coffee?
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20+ Table Memes for Flat Surface Appreciators Who Enjoy Fine Wooden Furniture

Good solid memes
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Funny meme about having bad posture at work
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Wow, You Must Have Screwed Up Big

horrible wtf desk work funny - 8186528512

Hello Finals Week!

desk college Pie Chart - 7946739968

Shrinking Real Estate and Rising Responsibility

desk paper - 7768253184


underwater desk - 4391051264
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You Put Equine in the Coconut and Mix 'Em All Up

coconut lime desk internet whoa horse - 6723266304

How it Feels Looking at This Site Sometimes

Spider-Man Memes desk - 6676914176
Created by megahunter


school desk stahp truancy story - 6638789376
Created by Aquakia

I Think You've Had Enough

art desk drunk sculpture youre-drunk - 6600119808
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cheating desk doing it right hilarious kids - 6485394688
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This is Why I Buy Them in Bulk

class desk pencil socially awkward penguin - 6223492352
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Master the Mute Button

desk hello mute Rage Comics work - 5901480448
Created by mechaginger
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