This Cursed Meme Is All About The Things We 'Fear'

We love how many memes are born from cursed images, and this one is no exception. The photo popped up on 4chan in April of this year, and has since been repurposed as an object labeling meme that deals with whatever we're afraid of or running from. Some of these memes get a little tired (Who knew dental memes were such a thing?) but here's a selection of our favorites.

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hair wtf the internets dentists haircuts - 8403218176
Via Dr. Gino
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Cleveland-based dentist Gino DiGiannantonio (aka Dr. Gino) may not know it yet, but his strange haircut has a lot of people talking.

His photo in an ad has been viewed over 3 million times the past 17 hours, because… that hair.

Here are just a few of the comments:

“When the hairdresser asks if the haircut looks good and you just say yes.”

“This man’s got a 3 head.”

“In his defense, he does have nice teeth and the sign is for dentistry.”

“looks more like a kitten covered in afterbirth to me”

He’s also starting to get the meme treatment:

“It’s not delivery, it’s DiGiannanitonianonio.”